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One year on - A trip down expansion avenue

A year ago, Oreco Group began a massive expansion to upgrade their manufacturing facilities in Childers, QLD to induct more than 100 new workers to join the Oreco family. This was needed to ensure demand needs are continuously met while the company continues to expand. At this time, Oreco Group’s manufacturing site in Childers was at full capacity, having grown more than 400% in the past decade.

Oreco Group was in the process of laying thousands of square metres of concrete and constructing their main office building situated at the new entrance. This would allow more space for additional employees to join the Oreco family in logistics, administration, marketing, management and production positions.

The most impactful development at Oreco Group within’ the last year is how the production quality, efficiency and consistency has improved. A year ago, Oreco Group only produced potting mix & sugar cane mulch here in Childers. Using only 1 production line with 3 baling machines and 1 T2 – Oreco was producing record numbers amid the world pandemic and needed to expand the Childers site to cater for additional production requirements and facilitate production for a range of new animal care products.

Since the start of 2020, Oreco Group has launched brand new Animal Feed & Animal Bedding products – Allowing for the expansion into the animal care industry. Our mission is to source eco-friendly, sustainable raw materials in Australia without compromising the quality of our products; Oreco’s new industrial crop dryer was one of the investments to ensure the quality of the products are second-to-none, every single time. This dryer is the largest in Australia and allows Oreco Group to rapidly pull moisture from freshly harvested product, maintaining freshness and quality of the products leaving our facility.

Another huge investment from Oreco Group is the Industrial Log Shaver; producing up to 100 cubic metres of shavings each hour. This shaver is awesome for our mission, as it allows us to eradicate the waste by milling unusable pieces of pine wood in the Childers facility – Oreco Group then compresses this product into various animal bedding options.

So what’s the future look like for Oreco Group?

Huge developments are ahead for the agricultural & horticultural leader, Oreco Group, with a successful $20.8m expansion already underway to facilitate a brand new Logistics & Transportation Hub. Along with the upgrade to the facility, you can also expect new products in animal care and gardening. Oreco Group is looking at expanding the family over the coming months – looking to employ up to 140 new people as tradesmen, drivers, machinery operators & labourers. Once the hub has been delivered, an all-weather, multi-user regional freight centre will then be established.

Big things are ahead; Doing good wherever possible & manufacturing a sustainable future. That’s the Oreco Way.

Oreco Group - Manufacturers of a Sustainable Future

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