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BEEF 2021 - Fluffy & Luxuriously Soft Animal Bedding

Our premium, heat treated pine shavings have been a hit with cattle big and small at

Beef Australia in Rockhampton! ORECO GROUP is proud to supply the entire Beef Australia event in Rocky with fluffy and soft pine shavings that have been cut to precision, shaved with care and heat treated through Australia's largest industrial dryer, all done right here in Queensland.

Our repurposed pine logs are shaved, dried and baled at our ISIS CENTRAL factory. Once the logs have been shaved, they are dried through Australia’s biggest agricultural dryer. This rapidly and precisely reduces the moisture content to a specified and consistent level. After the drying and dust extraction process, the product is compression baled and sealed for freshness.

What is Beef Australia?

Beef Australia’s rich history dates back to Australia’s bicentennial celebrations in 1988. Originally planned as a ‘one off’ event, its success was such that the inaugural event was held again in 1991. It has since been held every three years and has grown to become the cattle industry’s national exhibition, attracting over 100,000 people from across Australia and around the world. Beef Australia vision: To be a world class organisation that promotes and advances a sustainable beef industry Beef Australia 2021 will be a celebration of all facets of the industry and has a focus on facilitating new trade and export opportunities, exposing the local supply chain to international industry leaders. This unique event is so many things to different people – we are staying agile with our planning to ensure the producers, scientists, chefs, students, exhibitors, business people and families can all enjoy Beef Australia 2021.

How does ORECO minimise agricultural wastage?

Here at Oreco Group, we are proud to be manufacturers of a sustainable future and we believe in supporting the minimisation and eradication of unnecessary agricultural waste, and we do so by partnering with Australian cane growers (for sugar cane trash, used in mulch) as well as forestry companies to supply us with waste logs which we then repurpose and use to create ORECO's soft, fluffy and highly absorbent animal bedding.

Numerous studies show the need for 400,000 hectares of new plantations over the next decade to meet Australia’s demand for wood - That's why we are super excited to already be using pine wood that would otherwise be trashed and burnt (don't worry, all of our products are quality checked and graded before leaving our factory).

Committed to a Sustainable Future

At ORECO GROUP, we are manufacturers of a sustainable future.

Dedicated to assuring the quality of the products we create by being hands-on from the farm to finished product. Our mission is to source eco-friendly, recycled, sustainable and natural Australian materials that produce the cleanest and highest quality garden and animal care products in the world. We are always searching for new and innovative ways to improve sustainable manufacturing in Australia; Through the use of world-first technology and equipment, ORECO is on a mission to be an organic recycling company with sustainability and consistent supply at the forefront of it's mission.

Want to learn more about how ORECO is committed to a sustainable future? Learn more by visiting


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