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Oreco Group provides a complete production solution for your contract manufacturing requirements. We service the entire production including, sourcing raw materials, manufacturing, packing, palletising, storage and delivery of the finished goods, in perfect condition.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing factory is complete with modern, fast and reliable, automated European machinery and equipment to ensure that you and your end customers receive only the highest quality product.

Oreco Group supplies for an assortment of well-known tier-one brands throughout Australia, as well as contract manufacturing for many other well-known companies and brands in the agricultural and horticultural industries.

If you have a product you want to launch or have manufactured, we can make it a tier-one product, in your brand, with no minimum run size, at the best quality and price.


Our European bagging equipment produces a variety of bag sizes and types. Our bagging lines can pack 2kg to 10kg pouch bags with four-sided gussets, filling using both volumetric and weight. Our pillow style bags can hold 2L to 70L and from 2kg to 50kg. We ensure that all bags are aisle ready.

With an arsenal of automated European baling equipment, we can offer a wide range of baling size options. From smaller 1kg - 5kg mini bales to massive 250kg - 500kg mega bales.

All bales are completely sealed in recyclable plastic packaging and hooded with a UV resistant, long-life plastic sleeve. 

All bales are batch coded for traceability back to the paddock, where and when it was harvested, dried and baled.



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