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Our industrial scale crop dryer is the largest in Australia. This dryer allows us to rapidly pull moisture from the freshly harvested product. Our dryer ensures that the finished product has a consistent moisture level to maintain quality and shelf life. This dryer means that product can be growing in the field in the morning and packaged on a pallet in the afternoon; it also means that we can harvest, dry and package rain or shine. The result of all this equals short lead times and the best quality. 


  • Shorter supply lead times 

  • No dependence on the weather

  • Fully automated. The control software ensures an optimum and consistent drying result

  • Remote Control. The dryer is unmanned and can be monitored and controlled remotely

  • Maintains maximum nutrient content

  • Removes debris from product

  • Fast drying - Takes about 7 minutes

  • Higher productivity of the land

  • Optimal utilization because no storage or feed losses occur

  • No preservation losses, so higher feed value

  • More stable protein

  • Labour saving (less fieldwork)

  • Faster crop regrowth

  • Savings on the purchase of concentrated feed



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