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Maintaining our own fleet of trucks and trailers, we travel and deliver direct to stores and distribution centres throughout Australia. We have plenty of space for storage at our factory located in Childers Queensland. 

Oreco Group transport almost anything, anywhere, anytime!  Our B-Double trailers range from custom drop decks, open trailers, taunt liners and tippers to control the most demanding of operations. These trailers are designed to hold over 34 tonnes for carting bales, palletised products, raw materials or other heavy materials.

Oreco Group has selected only highly experienced, skilled and capable drivers and operators with impeccable history because we take your product, road safety and our service and reliability seriously. 

Oreco Group’s transport and logistics team are dedicated to the job and take pride in the service you receive and the experience we provide.

About Oreco Group – Logistics Department

Relationships are important to us; we source, develop and maintain a strong partnership with our contractor freight providers. This allows us to ensure we can deliver products nationwide.

ORECO GROUP is dedicated to the chain of responsibility and we adhere to all safe work practices and procedures. Our team work around the clock to ensure ORECO standards are met and exceeded daily.

We understand the importance of on-time deliveries; our drivers will travel anywhere in Australia to get the product to where it needs to be, safely and on time. ORECO is an active member of the Queensland Trucking Association.

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ORECO GROUP operates a reliable and modern fleet of 7 trucks, and it is managed by a team of logistics and transport experts in our Isis Central factory.

Our ORECO owned fleet of trucks can transport more than 1,000 pallets between Bundaberg and Brisbane every week.

ORECO GROUP has the ability to store up to 8,000 pallets of palletised and dangerous goods, in safe, secure and undercover storage at our manufacturing site in Childers. 

Our truck and trailer combinations range from bin tippers to tautliners to open and drop deck trailers. We can carry loose, bulk, oversize pallets, vehicles and dangerous goods.

Our experienced team tracks more than 250,000 pallets of finished products a year to manage CHEP and Loscam accounts and provide instant POD’s.


      245 Kevin Livingston Drive ISIS CENTRAL, QLD 4660 |  Tel: (07) 5476 6245

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