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How and when to use Soil Fix

Most of us are not given a lot of choices when it comes to the soil we get in our gardens. We are stuck with what we have got access to and what was provided when we moved into the home, because let's face it, re-landscaping large gardens can be very expensive and also time consuming. However it seems like the more times I move around, I keep finding myself in the same situation - getting stuck with clay-like soil in my gardens. Compared to the clay at my previous house, the soil at my home now seems ideal, almost perfect. But it's clay nonetheless, and I've had to work pretty hard to upgrade the soil to the standard I need it to be to grow the types of plants I am wanting to grow.

Soil Fix is best used in conditions where your soil isn't at the right quality or standard to grow certain types of plants, fruits and vegetables. We recommend using Oreco Soil Fix. It is a premium, all in one soil conditioner that has been scientifically formulated to provide an ideal combination of physical and nutritional characteristics to fix most common soil problems, including clay soils, sandy soils and anything in between.

How to Apply

Potted Plants

  1. Dig hole twice as wide as the pot.

  2. Mix Soil Fix with existing soil.

  3. Plant and firm down.

  4. Water thoroughly.

New Garden Beds & Turf

  1. Remove weeds.

  2. Distribute Soil Fix over the area (15-30L per m2).

  3. Gently fork into the surface of the soil, being careful not to disturb existing plant roots.

  4. Spread Oreco Sugar Cane Mulch on top and water thoroughly.

Existing Garden Beds

  1. Remove weeds.

  2. Distribute Soil Fix over the area (15-30L per m2).

  3. Spade or fork into the soil approximately 15cm deep.

  4. Plant and water thoroughly.

Existing Lawns

  1. Spike the ground for faster results.

  2. Distribute Soil Fix over the lawn at a depth of 15-20mm.

  3. Rake the area to aerate the soil and work the

  4. product in. Water thoroughly.

The main attributes of using a Soil Fix product is purely to add more structure to your soil. Here's a couple of benefits to using Oreco Soil Fix:

  1. Improves the soils ability to retain water and essential nutrients needed for plant development.

  2. Enhances soil structure. Counteract soil compaction and ensure ideal water filtration and drainage.

  3. Provides essential major and trace nutrients as well as organic minerals.

For more information on Oreco Soil Fix Soil Improver, visit the product page: Oreco Soil Fix Soil Improver 30L


Written by Jayden Baldwin Marketing Coordinator


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