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Natural, Renewable & Biodegradable 
EcoCAT Pine Pellet Litter

6mm Pine cat litter made from clean and traceable forestry timber

Product Description

130  years ago, a large QLD sawmill was given permission to start a fire to help manage their excess wood waste. Recently, Oreco helped that sawmill put the fire out - simply by using their excess pine to make this cat litter!

Made with a blend of pine and cypress, EcoCAT pine pellet cat litter is a great addition to you cat care routine.

Give this product a second life by adding it to your compost. After a few weeks this product can be safely used as a mulch in your garden.


  • Safe for all types and sizes of animals

  • Dust extracted

  • highly compressed

  • Biodegradable and compostable

  • premium plantation wood 

  • 100% untreated Queensland Pine

  • Mechanically dried

How to Use

  • Cut the bag at the top and scoop the pellets into the tray, filling to a depth of 4-5cm.

  • Occassionally, some cats do require a period of transition time to get used to pine pellets.  If this is the first time your cat has used pine pellets, make sure the transition smooth by adding a cup at a time of the tine pellets to your regular pellets.

  • after about one week, your cat should be completely switched to pine pellets. if not, continue the same transition process of mixing your usual litter and pine pellets.

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