Oreco Group is a 100% Australian owned and operated agricultural and horticultural manufacturing company, producing and supplying product

to some of the largest garden and animal care brands in the world 


What do we do?

We sustainably manufacture agricultural and horticultural products for both retail and commercial customers. This includes a wide range of animal care products such as bedding and stock feeds, home gardening products like mulches, potting mixes, plant feeds, bark, pebbles and composts. We also produce these in bulk commercial landscaping quantities. We are contracted to produce product for some of Australia's leading gardening product businesses. 

Oreco Group is a 100% Australian owned and operated business. 

We have over 40 years of experience in agricultural and horticultural manufacturing and are proud to support Australian farmers and producers which in-turn, supports our economy.

We service the entire production cycle from farm to customer or any part

in between that our customer needs. This might include; sourcing raw materials, manufacturing, packing, palletising, storage and/or delivery of the finished goods.

In summary, Oreco Group provide a simple, competitive and complete solution for the manufacture of animal care and horticultural products for commercial and retail customers 

Oreco Group is proud to be associated with:


At Oreco Group, we are committed to being manufacturers of a sustainable future

  • Working with local and regional farmers to support their crops and animals during the drought.

  • Installing 500kW of ground mounted solar to cater for our existing and future energy needs.

  • Aiming to be 100% Carbon Neutral by the end of 2020.

  • Recycling agricultural and forestry waste, then re-purposing and reusing the waste of this waste.

  • Providing an alternative to burning these agricultural waste materials and removing tens of thousands of tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere per year.

  • Producing products to improve and support animal and garden care.


  • Applying our organic composting processes which avoid the use of soluble nitrogen nutrients and minimise the production of ground or surface polluting products.

  • Being quality focused; having registered organic products, Australian Standards and EPA certified and compliant.

  • Sourcing quality, recyclable, thin micron plastic film packaging that completely breaks down after 12 months, resulting in less plastic being used. 

  • Coordinating our logistics processes to maximise the loading of trucks and enable greater efficiency of the freight, with a lower environmental cost.

  • Assisting farmers with managing the organic matter content of their soils, through crop rotation and an optimum layer of nutritional mulch turned into the soil.

  • Partnering with the Queensland Government to create sustainable futures for locals we employ, the local economy, growers and the region.


Oreco Group is proud to have won several prestigious awards over the years


2017 Winner


Oreco Group was named as one of Westpac’s Top 20 Businesses of Tomorrow 2017. This award recognises outstanding businesses that demonstrate a clear vision to shape Australia’s economy and the qualities that help tomorrow’s customers and communities. Oreco Group takes waste materials and produce organic goods with renewable benefits and a national footprint; the only one among its competitors to do so.

Small Company Turnaround of the Year 2016


In 2017, Oreco Group was announced as the TMA Small Company Turn Around of the Year for 2016. This recognises organisations who establish effective operations, implement solid management, improve cash flow, and increase production, in addition to the other operational factors leading to the recovery and sustainable operation of a growing business.

2015 Northern Region - Industry Category Winner


In 2015, Paul Woosley, the Managing Director of Oreco Group won the Australian EY Entrepreneur of the Year for the Northern Region. This is considered the world’s most prestigious business award to businesses that make a significant contribution to Australia’s economy and to the community by creating jobs, driving productivity, fuelling growth and inspiring others. Paul received special recognition for developing advanced automated manufacturing systems.


Where we came from and where we are going


1973 – Oreco Group began as The Tanawha Hay Shed as a stock feed business and sold pet, animal and farm supplies to local people and businesses, before diversifying into garden care products.

2005 – We changed our name to Australian Prime Fibre (APF) and started contract manufacturing products for tier one brands and companies, supplying direct to Bunnings.

2008 – We expanded and moved into a new 20-hectare factory in Childers, QLD. This enabled us to triple our production and grow even further.

2016 – We re-branded as Oreco Group, having proudly grown to be one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of garden care products in Australia.

2017 – Oreco Group opened our brand-new manufacturing facility in Howlong, NSW.

2018 – Oreco Group purchased a whole range of new in field harvesting and baling equipment to control all aspects of our raw material supply chain.

2019 – Oreco Group purchased a fleet of new European trucks to further vertically integrate our business operations and accelerate our growth plan. We also announced our new Manufacturing Expansion Project in Childers, QLD, that will quadruple our production capacity and create jobs, opportunities and growth for local people, businesses and economy in the region.

2020 – Construction of our new 10,000m2 manufacturing facility begins and completed by mid 2020. Oreco Group quadruple production and extend capability into advanced agricultural products as well as further the range of horticultural products.


Our vision is to be recognised for quality, reliability and service as Australia’s #1 compression baling and packaging company


What we value
RESPECT – We respect ourselves, each other, the equipment and the environment that we work with
QUALITY – We know that quality is the life source of our business; quality product, relationships and service
ACCOUNTABILITY – We deliver the best in all that we do and take ownership for the results
TRUST – We trust ourselves and the team by communicating effectively and often
COMMITMENT – We commit in mind and action to maximise our knowledge, skills and the efficiency of machinery and time

What drives us
RESULTS – We create a positive and productive work environment with efficiency and effectiveness

SOLUTION – We focus on the solution and not blaming anyone
ONE TEAM – We choose to be one team and win together through cooperation and collaboration
CAN DO – We do it once, we do it right, we do it on time
PROACTIVITY – We control the situation rather than responding to it after
PRODUCTIVITY – We feed productivity and productivity feeds our families


Head Office

186 Glenmount Road



NSW Manufacturing Facility

7 Howlong-Balldale Road


QLD Manufacturing Facility

245 Kevin Livingston Drive


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