Transport Hub adds to ORECO growth

Oreco Group’s Transport Hub Manager, Ash Murphy and fellow employee Allan Durie check progress on construction work at the hub. The transport hub is a part of a $20.8 million expansion at the Childers mulch factory.

Located adjacent to the Isis Central Sugar Mill near Childers, Oreco is Australia’s largest producer of a range of mulch related products catering to garden and livestock feed requirements.

Business Development Manager Amber Gilbert said the company had come a long way since the days when it sourced local cane trash for conversion to sugar cane mulch.

“With the factory now producing a catalogue of over 100 products, storage and transport are key areas where we are lifting our efficiencies,” Amber said.

“We recognised this some time ago and even though the transport hub was planned as a future addition to the factory site, we have been able to bring construction ahead by three years.

“The hub is a part of the $20.8 million expansion the factory has undergone over the past couple of years. Support funding has been made available through both the State and Federal Governments.